Natural Care


We are on a mission to heal people and our environment - naturally!

As one of the first and only sources of Regenerative Organic Hemp in the world, we know that how we farm and the end product we deliver can do just that. You see, our farming practices are environmentally conscious and done in partnership with the global leaders of Regenerative Organic Agriculture. So together, our growing process and the world-class level of hemp seed that we use, delivers a quality of hemp product that has not been seen in today’s cluttered market where everyone seems to have jumped on the “Hemp Train”!

Now, back to our mission. We are on a journey to rid the world of plastics. Sounds like an impossible mission, doesn’t it?

Hemp is one of the first steps towards seeing this vision come to life. Hemp products are the natural alternative to plastics and are biodegradable, meaning that once the hemp product is discarded, it only stays around 80 days versus plastic products that will be around for hundreds of years!

We also recognize the healing and wellness attributes of hemp through CBD, which works naturally with our bodies to promote healing and wellness. Natural Care will deliver natural alternatives that so many people seek through CBD oils as well as infused foods such as pasta sauce, cooking oils, and more.

If you are interested in producing hemp products or packaging or converting existing products or packaging from damaging plastics to natural hemp and need a source partner, please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page. We want to start a conversation with you!

To learn more about Regenerative Organic Farming, please click here for some great information from our partners at Rodale Institute.


Hemp is known as the plant with 50,000 uses!

There’s a lot of information and, unfortunately, misinformation circulating around the Web on hemp and its products. Below are several infographics and a great video from our partners at Patagonia that bring hemp, its boundless uses, and its story to life!